Life at 1572: End of Summer

End of Summer

We’ve been busy bees around here trying to enjoy the last bits of summer. Even though it is still super hot out here. We have been trying to get to the beach at least once on the weekends, and I am hoping to take Jack once or twice during the week. I want to take advantage of the warm ocean waters while I can. Not much new going on with me. I was having some serious headaches and pain that I thought was maybe my wisdom teeth. Praying it wasn’t I went to my doctor to see what she could rule out, and she said she saw some sinus issues. Not a full blown infection, but fluid in the ears and all of that. She prescribed some sinus rinse. That isn’t very comfy it feels like when you get water up your nose at the pool, but it sure worked. Took away all my pain, and if I feel more pain or pressure coming on I just rinse, and feel all better. She said I may have to go see an ENT for a CT to determine if I might need surgery or something done. I had told her that I had never had any problems like this before when my mom reminded me that 15 years ago I had all of this stuff done to me, and it was determined I had bad allergy sinus stuff. A few years of routine medications and I have been fine up until now.

Jack has been busy running around playing. We stay inside much of the day because of the heat. It was 101 today. It seems like the lifeguards here have gone back to school so the pool hasn’t even been open. I was hoping to get Jack there a few more times before it closes. We have been busy finding new songs with hand motions, and things like that to keep our day busy. Still trying to stick to his routine as much as possible.

Here are a few poorly taken pictures from the point and shoot camera from the beach the other day. It was sunny for the first 15 minutes we were there, and then the clouds rolled in, and the wind picked up. We stayed for another 4 hours anyway. Even though the water felt warmer than the air did, and you were shivering when you got out of the water. We ended up making castles, talking, and chasing Jack around the beach. We are hoping for better weather this weekend.

Playing at the beach

at the beach

Drip Castle


Singell Family said...

That last picture looks like a Christmas tree!!! Glad you guys are getting to enjoy the beach!

Grandma Rosie said...

Glad to hear it wasnt anything serious with you. Being a mom and being sick is definately not fun. Good you found out before it got to a full blown infection.

Love Zach's shirt!!!! :) Looks like the boys were having fun, cloudy or sunny!!!!! Love the sand castle. It's awesome looking.

Love to hear from you more. :)


Love you all

Aunt Janet said...

The last pic looks like the toyota commerical, real people in a pile getting ready to pop into something else. If you look close it looks like bodies laying on each other!
We do like pics.
Of the three of mine, Eric is the one with a nasal issue. Austin had more the sneezes only in the morning. Glad you now know what to do when it acts up. Can you imagine trying to get Jack to flush his sinus'!!


Ronda said...

Girl, I know your pain! Since May I have had so many issues with the sinus and teeth. Mainly the sinus issues, thinking my teeth were hurting. I go the nettipot rinse every day now. Pain still comes and goes but not nearly as bad! Enjoy your California summer!

The Whitsitt Family said...

It does look like people. Very abstract. My castle was getting pretty tall, and Jack kept wanting to smash it so Whittney had to start making one just so Jack could smash it. Zach, kept whispering to Jack that he should smash my castle, and Jack told him, "No, Daddy that is rude." Cracked us up.


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