Life at 1572: Fun Weekend

Fun Weekend

We had a great weekend out here. It was very hot outside, but still lots of fun. The place I was shopping on Sunday the car read 107 degrees outside. We were definitely having a heat wave. Where better place to go cool off than to the beach. That is where we headed Saturday morning. The place we go has a tiny parking lot, and it fills up fast. You need to try to get there by 10 in the morning. I have circled that parking lot for 45 minutes before just waiting for a parking space. All worth it though to spend the day at the beach. It was still in the upper 90’s there by the water. We put out our towels, chairs, and beach umbrella, and headed into the water.

Jack was the bravest he has ever been at the beach. He went way out into the water with us helping him, and then with one of us holding him. He didn’t complain, and he didn’t cry. He got excited when the hills (waves) came up and he could jump them. We’d spend a long time in the water, and then head back to the chairs for some castle building and snack time. Zach had his goggles with him so he and I took turns swimming under water attacking Jack. He loved that game, and I loved being able to swim in the water. I usually can’t do much but jump waves for fear of losing a contact. We spent 5 very long hours there, and we were all beat when we got home. Zach was the only one that ended up with sunburn despite everyone reapplying the sunscreen several times. It was a great time, and I hope we can head back this weekend.

I picked this little baby up for Jack on Friday.

I got a 40% off coupon on Thursday, and the sale only ran through Sunday. First thing Friday morning I jumped in my car to the local Thomas the Train store not very far away. The coupon was only for things in stock, and it isn’t a huge store so I figured they wouldn’t have very many tables. I had figured the coupon wouldn’t even be good for the tables since they are such a large item, but the lady reassured me it was for all the wooden railway stuff. We frequent this store pretty often, and they have a Thomas club and we are members. For every $200 you spend you get 20% off your next purchase. Knowing we wanted to get Jack one of those Thomas tables for Christmas we were working for our discount. We were only about $50 into it so it just made more since to get the 40% off now rather than spend another $150 just for 20%. This is the same table he plays with at Barnes and Noble and the Thomas store. The same table he cries about every time we have to leave it. I know he’s going to be super excited. I can’t wait to give it to him for his birthday or Christmas. I’m leaning more towards Christmas right now.

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Aunt Janet said...

Oh, jack will be so happy with that table. I remember when the boys got a table to play with all the matchbox cars, & trains. They used it for hours.It can be the big gift from "Santa".
He looks so happy in the pics, so busy with stuff.Wish we could hug & kiss him, miss that so much.

Guess even in CA the beach days are limited. Squeeze a few more in, then the chill of the water & wind won't be much fun .
Pretty soon you guys will be hunting down some snow from the mountains on the weekends.

Talk later

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