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It is finally Friday, and we have a very busy weekend ahead of us.  Tons of errands to run, and hopefully some fun stuff too.  Maybe even a little organizing of the garage on Sunday.  I guess Jack didn't have the greatest week at preschool.  Apparently, those goody bags they got last week that I thought were for a birthday are really something called a prize box.  Something the kids get if they have had a good day/week.  When I picked Jack up yesterday his teacher told me he didn't get a prize box.  She said he wasn't listening, and wasn't following directions.  Honestly I wasn't surprised these are the same issues we are dealing with at home.  He is after all three.

She said they hoped that by not giving him one that he would do better next week.  Uh, ok.  I know my kid, and I knew that wasn't going to work at all.  I told her Jack and I would talk about it at home.  When we got into the car I decided to ask Jack some questions just to see if he understood what had happened.  I asked why he didn't get a prize box, and his answer was that all the other kids got one, and they teachers didn't have enough.  He didn't care in the least.  He also had no idea that he didn't get one for not following rules.  As I have said before  Jack is pretty difficult to discipline, and consequences don't mean very much to him.   He just kind of floats on the surface, if good things happen to him then great, and if they don't then it isn't a big deal.  While other kids might cry about not getting a prize he just shrugs.  No big thing to him.  I went on to explain why he really didn't get a prize, and a lecture on following the rules.  I'm not trying to give him excuses, he does need to follow the rules, but at the same time some of this is just his age and personality.

Speaking of preschool I think I had 5 years taken off my life yesterday.  I have been so tired lately.  Yesterday afternoon I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so I laid down on the sofa to catch a quick nap.  I passed out in a deep sleep.  I heard my cell phone ringing, and saw that it was Jack's preschool, but I missed the call.  I glanced at the time, 2:30 pm.  OMG, OMG! I sprang off the sofa in a panic.  I was two and half hours late to pick Jack up from school.  I was running around the house.  What in the heck was I going to tell them had happened?  My head was in a fog.  Running around frantically searching for my keys my head started to clear.  Wait. I think Jack is upstairs taking a nap.  I'm pretty sure I picked him up from school, and then we went and got lunch with the hubby.  In fact yes, that is exactly what happened.  Wow, my heart was still racing a little as I sat back on the sofa laughing at my crazy mommy moment.

April 19,2010

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Aunt Janet said...

I remember doing something like that, getting home from work early enough to take a quick nap before picking the kids up at primetime. several times I woke up in a panic it closes at 6:00luckily I live 2 blocks from primetime. Calling them as I amgetting in my car. Boy those sneaky naps sure mess with your head!!

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