Life at 1572: Gearing Up

Gearing Up

While the move is exciting, and it will be a new adventure for us it will also be lots of changes.  While yes, one of the greatest things about the recruiting is no deploying we are basically getting ready for a 2-3 year deployment.  I think there is never a perfect situation when it comes to being in the military.  If it isn't one thing than it is another.  Recruiting duty is very hard work.  I have received many packets on the strains and stresses it puts on families.  Zach will be working most likely 80 hours a week.  He will be working 6 days a week.  They are told they get Sundays off, but often they work Sunday too.  We are gearing up for long days, and even longer hours ahead of us.  So while he won't be going on month long deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan he will be gone all the time. Many of the recruiters Zach has talked to never got to take any leave all of the years they recruited. Recruiting can be one of the toughest jobs in the Marine Corps.

We really haven't been doing much for the move.  We don't have that much to get ready.  The movers will coming in and pack everything up for us and take care of everything.  I have gone through a few things, and threw out some things that I don't want to take with us. We have been doing a bit of house hunting.  We found a house that was perfect, and we fell in love with it.  It had a finished basement, enough rooms, and took pets.  We were in talks with the broker, but then it got rented.  There isn't very much to choose from a house here and there, but if is a nice house it gets snapped up in a few days. We still have time so we aren't worried.

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Debra Gilbert said...

Moving can be so exciting! It's the perfect time to "clean house" of all those things you no longer want.

You might want to consider an apartment for 30-60 days so you can look around, check out neighborhoods, schools, before you sign up for a year or more on a house. - Love you ~Aunt Debbie

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