Life at 1572: 19 weeks 5 days

19 weeks 5 days

How Far Along: 19 weeks 5 days

Size of Baby: A large heirloom tomato.  6 inches from crown to rump 8 1/2 oz

Total Weight Gain:  still no weight gain

Maternity Clothes: Yep, just so much more comfy.  Time for bra shopping.  I have been making the ones I have stretch for far too long.  I can't even imagine how big the girls are going to be once my milk comes in.  Yikes!

Gender: ? We find out Nov. 8th.  We had to postpone the ultrasound for a week.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to do anything special to find out.  Right now, I am just thinking I might have the US lady whisper it to Jack, and then have him tell us.  I have had several people tell me it looks like I'm having a girl.  We shall see!

Name: ? We aren't even discussing names

Movement: Getting stronger all the time.  Still mostly when I am sitting or in bed going to sleep.  Kicks have been way down low like they were almost my entire pregnancy with Jack.  For the first time tonight I felt some movement up around my belly button.  I've felt a few kicks/rolls from the outside.  

Sleep:  I'm getting more and more into my late night insomnia patterns, but I think that is more me than the pregnancy.  I do sleep pretty well usually waking for some reason at 4 or 5 in the morning.  Must be practicing!   

Food cravings: Still nothing really.  I still want something for a few days and then I'm over it.  For a few weeks I have been really wanting a fruit roll up.  Something I haven't had in years and don't buy for  Jack since they are loaded with red dye and additives.  I finally caved bought a box, ate one and now I'm fine.  

Aversions: I'm not that into eating meat.  I can eat it, but I'd rather not.  

Symptoms: Indigestion, occasional nausea gagging,  round ligament pain, lower back pain, and shortness of breath.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl.  Seeing our new little one dance around on the ultrasound.  Getting the nursery started.  Starting a baby blanket.  

What I miss: Nothing

Next Appointment: Nov. 8th

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