Life at 1572: Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summer is almost here!  I am a freak that says it is whatever season it is until the day the season changes.  I'm hoping this is going to be a good summer, and I hope it goes by very very very slowly.  Jack starts kindergarten in the fall, and I am not ready to be without him for 7 hours a day.  Zach says I am that mother. Yes, I am.  I have been giving some thought to our summer, and I want to do some fun stuff.  Nothing fancy, but I hope to get out of the house a bit.  I tend to be a homebody loving her air conditioning, and not the heat when it gets really hot.  

Summer Bucket List
Take the boys swimming at the pool
Hopefully, swim with Daddy at the pool a few times
Grill at least once a week
Sidewalk paint
Picnic at the park once a week
Visit all of the town splash parks
Take several night time country drives with the windows down
Play in the sprinkler
Eat dinner outside on the deck
Go bowling 3 times
Get ice cream after dinner
Have late night movie night with popcorn
Visit Peoria Zoo
Go to Chicago
Go fishing in the pond in our neighborhood
Walks and Bike Rides
Get Jack off of his training wheels
Find at least a couple local summer events to attend
Take Jack to the movies
Go to the farmer's market at least twice a month

Is there anything you are hoping do during the precious summer season?

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Lisa said...

I hope you get a lot of your summer bucket list done. I know Jack is already happy he got to do his lemonade stand! I always have a million things I want to get done over the summer but hard as I try, other things come up or time just runs out. So good luck to you, I have faith you will make the best of the summer whatever you get done. You are a good Mom and wife!

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